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Fascinating History


Indonesia Flying Club

We are here to provide access for Aviators by providing 2 (two) dedicated certified aircraft Cessna 172 / PK-IFD and Cessna 152 / PK – IFC.


Promoting General Aviation

Early Years of Aviation in Indonesia

General aviation in Indonesia has faced challenges due to poor development and maintenance of air transportation infrastructure, especially in remote areas. Indonesia has been working on developing its civil aviation industry since then. Overall, it seems that general aviation in Indonesia is growing but still faces challenges related to infrastructure and workforce development.

Indonesia Flying Club: Founding and Establishment

Starting from a group of Aero Sport enthusiast using Experimental aircraft by Halim Phillips Soelistio, Nurrachman Pudjo, Basuki, Firman Darmawan, Chepy R. Nasution, Capt. Faisal Adrian Zein. Indonesian Flying Club was formed legally on April 13, 2004 by the founders with the intention of this flying club to become the home of Aero Sport enthusiast. The founders finally decided that the Aero Sport activities should be centered in the Swayasa Hangar – FASI Pondok Cabe.

Indonesia Flying Club: Growth and Development

The Indonesia Flying Club offers a range of programs and experiences, from basic flight training to pro-level courses for aspiring pilots. The club seeks extraordinary members who have the desire and enthusiasm to contribute to developing the club and aerospace sports in Indonesia.

Challenges and Obstacles Faced by Indonesia Flying Club

One of the main challenges faced by flying clubs in Indonesia is a lack of resources. Building and maintaining aircraft, training pilots, and providing quality instruction can be costly, and many flying clubs struggle to secure the funding they need to operate effectively.


Indonesia Flying Club: Milestones and Achievements


Brief History and
Importance of Documenting Aviation History

Documenting aviation history is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, it allows us to preserve and celebrate the achievements of aviation pioneers and innovators, ensuring that their contributions to our world are not forgotten. Through documentation, we can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced, the triumphs they achieved, and the impact they had on our world. Documenting aviation history is also important for inspiring future generations of aviators and aviation enthusiasts. By sharing stories and information about the pioneers and innovators of aviation, we can inspire young people to pursue careers in aviation and aerospace, and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Today, with the help of modern technology, documenting aviation history is easier than ever before. Digital archives, online resources, and social media platforms have made it possible to share information and stories about aviation history with a global audience, ensuring that the legacy of aviation pioneers and innovators will continue to be celebrated and remembered for generations to come.

"Indonesia Flying Club is now present as a non-profit organization with OC 91-022"

– Indonesia Flying Club

"We are here to provide access for Aviators by providing 2 (two) dedicated certified aircraft Cessna 172 / PK-IFD and Cessna 152 / PK – IFC"

– President Club

"We Have the Power to Impact Our Members, and We’re Doing Something About It!"

– Sigit H. Samsu


“Soar to new heights with Indonesia Flying Club”

– Capt. Rudy A.H.

“Discover the joy of flight with Indonesia Flying Club”

– Capt. Novyanto

“With Indonesia Flying Club, the sky’s not the limit, it’s the destination”

– Capt. Faizal A.Z.


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